About us

Ziiplab is currently sold in the USA, Canada, Chile, Dubai, South Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand, China, New Zealand, Australia and now South Africa. Ziiplab has launched in South Africa furthering its ambitions to positively impact the lives of an estimated one billion global smokers, by helping them switch from cigarettes this November. Public Health studies conducted in the United Kingdom have shown that vaping is 95% less harmful than smoking tobacco and has encouraged smokers to switch.

Independent research by the Centre for Substance Use in the United States has shown that 64% of US-based adult smokers, who try nicotine pod systems, have kicked the cigarette smoking habit. Ziiplab is one of the few major vape brands not affiliated with Big Tobacco and is committed to using technology to provide the best possible solutions for adult smokers who want to switch. Ziiplab was created by ZLab S/A in 2016 to develop an alternative for smokers like themselves.

Ziiplab’s simple design eliminates the need for coils, messy refills, buttons, switches and setup. The Ziiplab closed pod system consists of a nicotine salt pod that clips into a streamline device and is inhaled as a mouth to lung experience. The pods are available in a variety of delicious flavours ranging from refreshing mints to fruit bursts and even creamy desserts. The fundamental difference between traditional vape and nic-salts is that the nicotine in nic-salts is absorbed faster into the body suppressing the cravings of cigarette smokers that are quitting. The Ziiplab pod system consists of two movable parts being the actual device and a clip-in pod. The device is comprised of a low voltage battery that heats up the nic-salt juice contained in the clip-in pod, to produce a flavour filled vapourizing experience. The inhalation is smooth and without the harsh throat burn that is often referred to as a throat hit. It also produces less smoke than the traditional vaping systems.

The Ziiplab pod is compatible with most pod systems including the JUUL but offers greater value as each pod contains 1ml of e-juice. Pods are available in three nicotine variants being 18mg, 30mg and 50mg; that allow for gradual nicotine weaning. The ergonomic design of the system ensures a natural mouth to lung vaping experience that is available in a variety of delicious flavours. The disposable Zsticks offer 500 puffs per stick and are also available in a variety of flavours. The nic-salt Zjuices are available in 30ml bottles across the 18mg, 30mg and 50mg nicotine variants. When activated with simple inhale, Ziiplab delivers a patented salts e-liquid formula that is designed to satisfy through a smooth vape experience.